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Day Three – The long, winding, etherial Cabot Trail that ended with crab everywhere (and one stray carrot)

July 1, 2010

Well, our second full day on Cape Breton was a car trip around Cabot Trail. We left the motel around 10 am and got home just before 9 pm. We were worried that our day would end up like this:

Wow, it was really foggy at times but was it beautiful! Stef drove today so I could take photos since I take hundreds of photos where she would take two. We stopped at several places along the way.

First was the Gaelic College. They teach piping, dancing, gaelic language, and clan history. It’s mostly closed for renovations over the summer but the shop and the “Great Hall of the Clans” were open. Stef bought a Tam o’ Shanter in her clan’s tartan in the shop. Then we went to the hall. We listened to the fiddler display, I avoided the bag pipe display like the plague, and I spent the most of my time at the wool making display. Quite fascinating. There were some creepy looking mannequins — I checked the hands to see if they were Autons. (The Doctor Who fans just had a geeky chuckle.)

Anyway, we continued on and stopped at a couple of arts and crafts stores along the way. We had lunch at a place called the Clucking Hen. They had a great write up in the Globe and Mail . Great place, good food, and you make your own cup of tea! You pick up your own cup, and build it the way you like. It’s quaint.

This is about when I started spending money. We found a place called Pipers Pewter. I bought some Celtic designed candle holders. Then at a woodworkers shop, I bought a cheese board. Later, I bought a Irish County Clare tartan scarf. The Gormans were in several villages and I have no clue which one is mine so I bought the prettiest of the tartans. (I also like the name County Clare in an Irish accent.)

We found a look out point that led down to a beach. There was a little rock statue on the beach, and I found some rocks — pretty rocks.

Then we entered into the national park. Lots of mountains, beaches, rocks, and greenery. We will be going back to do some hiking and see a couple of the waterfalls — especially when it’s sunny and not foggy. The Cabot Trail weaves in and out of the park so some pics were inside and some out! I am including a few of the 300 pics I took today.

Oh, my the fog!

More pretty lupins

Stef and I on the rocks. Notice, how I am in short sleeves and Stef has three layers on!

Ah, the rock faces.

After we left the park for the last time today, we stopped in Cheticamp for dinner at place called “The Seafood Stop”. I had the Crab special. I had never eaten crab legs before; I have had crab cakes, steak topped with crab, but never the whole bib, crab cracker, picker, and bucket thing. It slightly disturbed me and Stef worried that she might need a plexiglass shield. I dutifully made a gigantic mess of myself, the table, my glass, the floor, etc. Somehow I got a piece of carrot from the opposite side of the table onto the floor. I still don’t know how I did that. Wow, was it good! I have never had crab that fresh — didn’t even need the melted butter for dipping.

I drove home but had to stop at a small church because the sun had come out and we could now see the distant hills/mountains of the island. I can really understand why the settlers called it “Nova Scotia”!

Tomorrow, we are going to take it slightly easier. In the afternoon, we are taking a boat ride around the Bras d’Or lake that starts in Baddeck (the closest town) and then we’ll find a nice place to watch fireworks on the water.

Have fun!

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  1. Debra permalink
    July 1, 2010 8:48 pm

    The joys of fog are the wonderfully coloured houses dotted along the Trail, the celtic cathedral atmosphere in the valleys and hills beside the water and the wonder of where the road actually falls as you drive through another fog patch !! Exciting! So on your Bras Dór ride, will you also see Washabuck, little washabuck, greater washabuck, and Enron washabuck ?
    Enjoy your Canada Day, fog free and enjoying the fireworks !

  2. July 2, 2010 2:56 am

    Looks like a good time!
    How’d you take a picture of the two of you? Your much more skilled than I am
    Glad you liked the picture figured you would!
    Talk to you soon, have fun
    I don’t want a rock or anything but if you could bring me back a diamond that would be great! thanks

    Good news, the car is in the 1st spot!
    Hope their not following you.
    Can we open the windows without the cats escaping?
    It has been really nice here and your place is a tad bit stuffy…

    • July 2, 2010 3:38 am

      Sure, just don’t open them too much. Don’t open the one in the spare bedroom/cat litter room. They have a tendency to get out of that one.

      Sure, I will start compressing the carbon now.

  3. justin permalink
    July 5, 2010 11:01 pm

    I really want to eat some of the food you enjoyed on your trip:)

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