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Day Four – The boat ride round beautiful Baddeck bay

July 2, 2010

Today, we are taking it easy. We both woke up around 7:30 am, I looked outside and saw the early morning mist begin to clear up and usher in a beautiful sunny day.

As I write this part, it’s 10:47 am and 18 degrees Celsius. Sitting at a picnic table at the water side, I can see an inflatable raft float through the Bras d’Or lake. From what I can see, the owner’s fishing. I am typing away with my tea cup beside me. Stef is inside the motel room looking out. My allergies are starting to kick in as a guy mows the lawn. When we go to Baddeck, I must get some allergy medication!

Last night, after I took a shower, I stepped outside into a brilliant night sky. Sadly I do not have a steady hand or a tripod so getting the shots are difficult. Tonight I am going to try a make shift tripod out of my towel (Always keep a towel with you when traveling. It makes you a hoopy frood.), a picnic table, and the ten second timer function on the camera. I did get a neat shot of the motion blur on a star and the moon.

The path of a staccato star through the universe

The moon rising up from behind the mountains

At 12:30 pm, we are going to the Red Barn restaurant for lunch and head to Amoeba sailing cruises in Baddeck for the 2pm boat tour.

So, slight change of plans. Baddeck has a parade that runs through the main street at 1pm. So, we had lunch earlier and stood on a corner to watch the parade go by. There is a gorgeous old building to our left and the sailing boat awaiting behind us.

Well, that was an amazing afternoon. Amoeba Sailing Tours was incredible! The boat was built by the owner’s dad over ten years. He takes the boat out three times on most days, while his wife looks after the money, and their son — the Other John — helps with the work. They are very friendly, the boat is beautiful, and oh, the sites you see. We saw some beautiful coast line and some bald eagles. They came very close to the boat. I got a few shots, but two great videos which I will post once I am back. (posting videos over EDGE is an effort in futility)

We went back to the motel and Stef wanted to relax and read in the room so I went out into our backyard. Going down by the lake, there were two young kids playing around with the jelly fish in the water. They knew not to touch them directly so they were using sticks to move them about. I sat down to write my blog but they wanted to show me the jelly fishes. I looked up to see their mom, she smiled at me that it was alright, so I dutifully closed the iPad and gave them the attention they wanted from me. After I talked to them for a while, I sat back down to write as their mom somehow appeared beside me and asked about the iPad. So I went through my usual demonstration of the features as the raft from earlier came in. It was her friends and so we stood on the shore and talked about the iPad and Cape Breton. They told me about a couple of good places to eat and see and I thanked them and went back to the room. Nice people up here — very friendly.

Stef decided to stay in and I decided I wanted to go out for dinner! The people at the shore line told me to go to Baddeck Lobster Suppers. You can choose between lobster, planked salmon cooked on wood fire out back, or steak. Then you have unlimited chowder, mussels, beverage, tea/coffee, and dessert to go with it. All for 27.95 + tax or 29.95 for lobster. Incredible. The owner’s husband is a lobster fisherman so they use his lobsters; great way to do it. Great atmosphere and very attentive waitstaff; never had an empty table or glass of ice tea. The fresh flavour of the entire meal was fantastic! After dinner the couple beside my table struck up a conversation with me. The husband was from Cape Breton, and the wife was from Chatham, Ontario. They recently moved back here and told me to do the same! I explained I have work at Fanshawe and they recommended two small colleges in the area! They also recommended a new place to eat the “Dancing Goat” — we have already had the “Clucking Hen” and now goats. I sense a theme.

So, I came back to the motel and went outside to finally finish this blog, but first I had to go to the office and thank the owner for recommending the sailing tour which turned into a thirty minute conversation of fun. They also recommended the Dancing Goat to me so it looks as though we’re going there tomorrow!

Tomorrow we may do the Cabot trail the other way around. Though it looks as though it might rain. If it rains, it will be another lazy day. I am starting to like these.

Have fun!

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  1. Debra permalink
    July 2, 2010 5:32 pm

    The Dancing Goat? Sounds like you are having far too much fun! Stop It… OK, so keep enjoying yourself but continue your detailed blogging, its like having a trip out there myself. Most “down homers” whom I have met, are friendly, happy to share special spots (like your dancing and clucking creatures), and they enjoy a good pint (beer or tea).

    Oh, and if you are compressing the carbon, I’ll have one of those, forget the rock…

  2. judi permalink
    July 5, 2010 5:58 pm

    Oh boy! Dancing goats! Bring me one of those too, please!

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