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Day Six – Being lazy is fun!

July 4, 2010

Well, As I said this is a short and rather boring blog as today was the official lazy day. It was gorgeous out.

There was a slight wind and the temperature was 24 degrees with barely any humidity. After consulting the office again, we went to the Dancing Goat now that we knew it’s location. It was as fantastic as everyone had said. The owner is from around here but moved away. After his mum died, he moved back to be near his father. So he opened a really tiny coffee shop. It became so popular that he recently expanded. There were only about eight tables and by the time we sat down they were all packed. We both had the Black Forest ham sandwich with mango chutney. We picked some desserts to take back to the motel for later.

When we returned to the motel, I sat on my towel out on the lawn and read for a bit. As Stef stayed in to do her logic puzzles. Then I went swimming. The pool was still a bit chilly but after a few seconds my body adjusted and I started swimming. I haven’t swam in years. Wow, do I need a pool! I would be in it every day after work.

Then when I returned to the room and read for a while.

For dinner, we walked down to the Red Barn and I had the Captain’s seafood special. It contained halibut, salmon, mussels, breaded shrimp, and breaded scallops. For every dinner, I have had fish or sea creatures, so I am very happy.

After dinner, we played mini golf and then walked home.

While relaxing, I watched a couple episodes of Futurama and Better Off Ted and read for the rest of the evening.

For Stef’s benefit, we have a plan for our final three days. Sunday, we are going to the Heritage Village and Rita MacNeill’s Tea Room. Monday, we will see the Miners’ museum and Fort Louisbourg. For our final day on Tuesday, we are going the other way around the Cabot Trail and when we reach Pleasant Bay, we will be going whale watching.

Have fun!

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  1. Mikko Paavola permalink
    July 13, 2010 8:21 pm

    I am a bit disappointed that there were no photos for this day…… photography for me is worth a million words. Nice post, you must have had fun on your trip.

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